The Stardust Cineplex is run whole and soley by the Jerkic family.

The only privately owned and operated Cinema Complex in the Burdekin.

The Jerkic family consists of 4 boys and 6 girls.

Master Projectionist:- Frank (father)

Second Projectionist:- Antonella ( No 4 daughter)

Back up Projectionist and Caterer:- (Suzzi Mother & jack of all trades)

Ticket Office man:- Peter ( No 4 son)

Confectionery Girl and Bouncer: - Lucia ( No 5 daughter)

Ticket girl and Usher: - Franki ( No 6 daughter)

Nicole ( No 1 daughter) Wedding June 1998.

Antonella ( No 4 daughter) is Australias youngest female projectionist.

Julian ( No 3 son) and Peter ( No 4 son) Mick Doohan's greatest threat ????.

Lucia ( No 5 daughter) alias "THE BOUNCER".

Franki ( No 6 daughter) lives in fairy land !!